How to Write Successful Copy

Get your audience to take action

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What is copywriting?

If you define it in “geek speak”, copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action. Instead of actively marketing or selling a product or service to somebody, copywriting generally focuses on creating things like blogs, articles, and infographics, which are designed to pull readers in and provide relevant and valuable content.

In short: you write something in a way that makes others want to go and do something.

Why is copywriting important?

In addition to populating a site with quality content, copywriting efforts are also more effective than outbound advertising methods. By creating unique, relevant, and high-quality content on a webpage, blog, or social media account, a company with an on-staff copywriter can build an audience and develop a solid reputation quickly and easily.

Copywriting is important because

  • it provides quality content to the people you care about when you design a website or put out a brochure
  • it helps with Search Engine Optimization (Search has become increasingly LOCAL and a lot of people don’t scroll beyond the first couple of results when looking for something)
  • it helps you come across like the professional you want to be seen as, because your message becomes unified, succinct and coherent

If you have never written anything for brochures, newsletters etc., start with composing an elevator pitch as a first exercise. Also be sure to look at Kurt Vonnegut’s Tips for Effective Writing for some really good advice.

Copywriting Brainstorming Process

You, too, can write effective copy for your website, brochure or other media!