Online Meetings

meeting smallerSometimes chat or a phone call is not enough. You need to have an in-person meeting, but your team is scattered across the area, state, country – or even the globe. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Skype or Cisco WebEx. There are others out there – simply do a search for “free online meeting” or something to that end, and you’ll be inundated with search results. However, most of what you will find is not really free, they merely offer a free trial.

Zoom really has a free version, which gives you enough to run a meeting. Another close contender is UberConferencing.

Compare for yourself how the two measure up on some key points.


Zoom UberConferencing
Number of participants up to 100 up to 10
Web/phone audio, video yes yes
Screen Sharing yes yes
1-to-1 meetings unlimited n/a
# of meetings unlimited unlimited
Need to register? yes yes
Other limitations? 40 minute limit for group meetings no analytics or custom call-in number

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Online Meeting Tips
Online Meeting Tips