Copywriting for Different Media

Medium and audience determine the “how” and “what” of copywriting

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“Hello World!” or: tell them you exist and that you want their time and money

We will focus on everything but the technical aspect of copywriting (see different copywriting areas below), but we’ll whittle things down to specific projects you’ll want to tackle as a group or non-profit. We’ll assume that your goal is to

  • get your name out
  • tell people what you do
  • develop a “fan base” of supporters
  • attract new members and maybe some volunteers
  • secure funding

In this spirit, we’ll divide things up into three larger categories:

Copywriting - Introduce Yourself

If you would like to get into the details/areas of copywriting specifically...

Types of Copywriting

Because copywriting is such a broad term, it tends to be subdivided in terms of the general area the copy is written for:

  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Technical
  • Content

Marketing Copywriting

A marketing copywriter uses trends in the marketplace to help write advertisements and correspondence that address consumers’ needs. These copywriters know how to influence the public by playing to people’s desires. They prepare the text used in emails, online ads, and billboards.

Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriters are interested in telling a story to the public. These are the people who come up with catchy slogans and unique concepts for commercials or video ads. Creative copywriting is advertising-based, and it’s all about creating a brand. Creative copywriters work to find the right words or phrases that strike a chord with viewers.

SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization copywriting, or SEO, is focused on creating content that will rank high in search engine results. Researchers compile information on top searches and turn it into ideas for advertising. Placing keywords within the ads or articles enough times creates ‘optimization’ by bringing the client’s product up first in an search engine, allowing for more visibility for the company.

Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriting requires specific education or knowledge in a field or industry. For example, if you wanted to have ads created for your language-learning software, you would need a copywriter who has knowledge not only of computers, but in languages. This type of copywriting is especially important in technology and health fields.

Content Copywriting

This kind of web-specific copywriting is usually focused on one subject and is written in the form of how-to articles, blogs, or newsletters. It focuses less on making sales and more on providing information to the consumer. A prime example of this copywriting is the how-to articles on different things your cell phone does that you might not know. This gives information on your phone, while reinvigorating your interest in the product.
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