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As a group or organization, what you need at the most basic level comes down to people and funding, or in other words, volunteers and donations. Anything you do, besides what you came together to do, boils down to this.

The issue is, so does everybody else. You all compete for the same finite pool of resources, and more often than not, the larger organizations with the funds to hire a professional volunteer coordinator or fundraising director are being noticed by other potential volunteers or donors, while smaller ones are not. Even volunteer recruitment or fundraising tools typically come at a price.

This is one of the reasons we decided to set up this website. We wanted to give grassroots groups and smaller non-profits working for meaningful change in our society the tools they need to get the people and funding to be successful.

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In this section we talk about both, and they evolve around what you could refer to the “3 Rs” of volunteer and donor management:

recruitment, recognition, retention

It seems straightforward that anybody should be concerned about all of these, but we have seen too many cases where at least one of them was neglected, so we are going to go into some details about all “3 Rs”, both for volunteer and donor management.

volunteer management

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